ProtoView is a premium subscription database service that provides a single source of authoritative information about scholarly books and e-books. Ringgold brings together information about titles from hundreds of scholarly publishers. We normalize and then enhance the information with additional standardized metadata. For each title, our professional writers create objective, non-critical abstract summaries designed to help individuals and search engines alike. Users of our data enjoy the benefits of standardized metadata to help them quickly find titles of interest, and the abstracts provide them with a better understanding of the titles they are considering.
Ringgold acquired Book News, Inc. in 2012, using the print journal Reference & Research Book News as the foundation of ProtoView. All of the title information and abstracts from the print journal (now retired) are now displayed in the ProtoView database, providing an archive of summaries for more than 250,000 print titles.
Subscribers to have access to the entire ProtoView database. Records can be browsed or searched by ISBN, subject, keyword, publisher, title, and author. We help our users stay aware of new titles with ProtoView Alerts, which provides email notifications of new titles based on whatever search criteria you wish.

ProtoView provides:
•   Unbiased content summaries of academic books
•   Current, accurate coverage across formats
•   Standardized and detailed metadata